Dhala camp is also situated in the Kilombero Valley and neighbors our Ruhudji area. The southern and western boundaries follows the loop of the Mnyera river for 50+ miles. The myera river is widely regarded as the destination to target tiger fish in the 10-25 lb range. It is an hour forty five minute flight from Dar es Salaam and is a six hour drive from the closest regional area airport in Iringa.

Dhala camp has 8 thatched wooden bungalows with all the luxuries of home, comfortably sleeping 16 guests. This makes it by far our most suitable camp to handle families and big groups. The dining areas are thatch and timber constructions offering beautiful views of the Mnyera river from beneath the canopy of the riverine forest.

The habitat is made up of a diverse mixture of riverine forest, flood plains , mature miombo forest and wetlands that is also home to the biggest population of Puku in East Africa. Dhala is known for producing exceptional leopard trophies and the Buffalo numbers rivals that of Ruhudji. This area is a great destination for the client looking for a good mixed bag safari with ample time to enjoy the thrill of fishing for tiger fish in between. Our conservation efforts has also made Dhala a great place to enjoy daily sightings of magnificent herds of elephants.


Species Available:

Baboon yellow
Crocodile Nile
Diker common
Diker red

Eland livingstone
Genet cat
Hartebeest Lichtenstein
Hyena spotted

Reedbuck southern
Sable Roosevelt
Serval cat
Waterbuck common