Kilombero North Safaris has, since inception committed itself to conservation through community development projects. A few years ago when the present shareholders of the company took over, they undertook to increase their efforts in embracing our slogan of “Conserve in Order to Utilise.”

Increasingly, the vast lands of untouched and pristine wilderness, which make Tanzania one of the world’s most desirable Safari destinations, have come under severe pressure.

Once idyllic environments are facing plunder and destruction. Far from facing inexhaustible supplies of abundance, the once lush and game filled lands of Africa are increasingly subjected to the indiscriminate and wanton destruction of game, fisheries and vegetation. Uncontrolled deforestation, desertification, over-fishing, over-grazing and indiscriminate poaching have upped the pressure on the fragile ecosystems of Tanzania, threatening to turn pieces of paradise into wastelands.

KNS is proud of it’s continued achievements in mitigating anti-poaching, promoting conservation and preserving wildlife. Our approach to these concerns is demonstrated in the following results of our concession:

In almost every area we have, our Professional Hunters and our anti poaching staff have reported a steady gradual increase in almost all species of game. Areas, which a few years ago were sparsely populated in wildlife, have now been noticeably improved to the extent that in one instant, zebra was spotted in Kilombero, that have been absent for nearly a decade. This shows that we are doing something right!

It is our duty to combat the tragic side effects of poverty and unemployment and strive towards developing the tools and means to enable communities to access a better life, without a reliance on poaching for subsistence. We also develop programs geared towards poverty alleviation, educational programs and health care.

To assist in achieving this, we have undertaken to increase awareness within the communities surrounding our areas. We have drilled boreholes in villages that provide fresh clean water, where in the past, it was collected kilometers away from open trenches. Not only was this water unhygienic and contaminated, collecting it was dangerous from encounters with wild animals.

We have also started the sponsorship of a football tournament called “The Uhifadhi Cup.” This directly translates to “Conservation Cup.” It involves 14 villages neighboring our Kilombero Mlimba concession and we have embarked on a program of supplying footballs to the schools, increasing awareness. Working with and focusing on the youth, who will be entrusted with the responsibility of conserving our natural environment and heritage for the future, increases knowledge and paves the way forward. Education through awareness and awareness through education is the only hope for our youth in the future and long-term sustainable use of natural resources.

Since time immemorial, Tanzania has been a melting pot for an evocative mix of people and cultures. It has been home to innumerable peoples of many diverse lineages and its history has been influenced by a succession of pioneers. The original Bantu settlers who came from South and West Africa, to the Arabs, the Oman, to the Portuguese, Germans and finally the British. Tanzania now has a population of over 45 million with 120 African ethnic groups.

Kilombero North Safaris has a team of experts constantly striving to improve our services and ensure that all your travel expectations are met. We guarantee all our operations are carried out with deep respect, devotion, and responsibility towards the natural environment.

​We are privileged to call home one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is our duty to protect it for generations to come. The most rewarding aspect of these last years has been our work in environmental conservation and community development. By better equipping our anti-poaching teams, the results have been dramatic. The game population in our areas of operations has never been more abundant.

As sportsmen, we at Kilombero North Safaris Ltd, strongly believe that it’s our responsibility to play a vital role in the conservation and improvement of the environment of Tanzania. From anti-poaching initiatives to flora and fauna protection and, most importantly, community development, we guarantee that by choosing to hunt with us, you are playing your part in maintaining these pristine but fragile environments for future generations to enjoy.  

​Whatever your choice of safari, expect to be moved by your stay with us. Expect to gather a lifetime of memories in just a few weeks. This is the timeless, amazing Africa that you have always dreamt about.

​Kilombero North Safaris has undertaken a dramatic increase in efforts, truly embracing our slogan “Conserve in Order to Utilise”.