Sitting on the floor of the rift Valley, just south of the Kenya border, surrounded by extinct volcanos and the famous Oldonyo Lengai ( the Masai mountain of god ) one of only 2 active volcanos in Africa, our lake Natron concession is one of the most scenic hunting areas in the country. We consider it the jewel in the crown of our Kilombero North Safaris areas. It is a 3 hour drive from the Kilimanjaro international airport making it easily accessible and it elevates the need of expensive charters.

The camp is built in the foothills of Kitumbeini mountain, over looking the Masai plains, Oldonyo Lengai and the rift Valley escarpment. With its beautiful thatch, glass and timber dining area/mess and the 4 log bungalows no expense were spared in making this one of the most comfortable hunting camps in Tanzania.

The habitat varies tremendously from open plains and arid woodland to acacia brush country and the mountain forests stretching from 7000 to 9500 feet on kitumbeini mountain. This area is the number one destination for the discerning sportsman looking to collect a wide range of Masailand species, big leopard and buffalo in one safari. The beautiful scenery and abundance of game also makes it the perfect location for non hunting guests looking for a one of a kind photographic experience away from the crowds.

Species Available:

Baboon Olive
Bushbuck Masai
Dikdik Kirks
Eland Patterson’s
Duiker Common
Gazelle Grant’s
Gazelle Thompson’s

Hartebeest Coke
Hyena Spotted
Hyena Striped
Impala East African
Jackal ( 4 sub/spp )
Kudu Greater
Kudu Lesser

Oryx Fringe Eared
Reedbuck Chandler’s Mountain
Serval Cat
Wildebeest White-Bearded
Zebra Burchell’s