Tanzania is without a doubt, one of the most famous and exclusive hunting safari destinations in Africa. Our areas are the perfect example of all Tanzania has to offer: an incomparable variety of wildlife and stunning vistas. 30% of its land mass is conserved for wildlife parks and reserves with over 160 appointed hunting blocks. The wildlife is some of most tremendous of all Africa countries. Specie availability varies widely across the country and also includes highly prized rarities.

With the introduction of our new blocks we are now able to offer the avid huntsman a wider variety for his sport hunting pursuits.

WING SHOOTING – This traditional pursuit can thoroughly be enjoyed here in Tanzania, particularly in the vast Maasailand. With its immense expansion of flat seemingly endless plains, it offers an exceptional variety of bird life: Guinea & Spur Fowl, Francolin, Dove, Quail and Sandgrouse, to name but a few.

BOW HUNTING – Our hunting blocks offer many opportunities for a more “traditional” form of hunt, bow hunting. Opportunities abound and enable the bow enthusiast enthralling experiences.